Each Saturday Morning at Wiz Kids is specifically designed to offer your child a range of opportunities, including academic enrichment, a chance to be creative and most importantly; have fun!

The morning is made up of two, 45-minute workshops focusing on Academic Enrichment and Art. Wiz Kids is keen for your child to develop in an enjoyable way, so they will be given opportunities to have a say in what their workshops include. The group will also be split into two, to allow for more 1-1 time between the tutors and children, particularly with academic enrichment.

In Art, we will have a go at experimenting with all of the different mediums of art, looking at exciting new topics each week, such as baking, mosaics, painting, clay or even building birdhouses! We will learn about the different topics each week before trying our own, with lots of work to take home and show off!


Academic Enrichment is designed tailored to your child. If you child is taking part in the Kent Test we can help to familiarise your child with the skills needed for the Test and build their confidence. If they are not working towards the Kent Test we will work alongside their school curriculum, helping with weekly homework and any particular topics that need development. The primary focus will always be your child’s confidence as we believe that is key in both academic results and their wellbeing.

Wiz Kids takes place on a Saturday Morning from 9:30am to 11am in Egerton Forstal. Enrolment works on a weekly-basis at just £15 per morning!

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Academic Enrichment

For academic enrichment, run by our experienced tutor and primary school teacher, the children will be split into two smaller groups to allow each child the opportunity to work more closely with Sarah.

Those children that are working towards sitting the Kent Test will have the opportunity to work with an experienced tutor in this subject. Children not taking part in the Kent Test can use this time to access help with curriculum enrichment and their weekly homework.

Helping your child to build their self-confidence is something Sarah will focus on and believes is the key to making good progress in their academic journey.


Art workshops at Wiz Kids aim to be different each week, with as many take-home projects as possible. In these workshops, your children will work closely with Kate and other children their age exploring the different mediums of art. They will look at a range of topics, including mosaics, clay, painting, cake decorating, building, sewing and so much more. Art is a key part of the curriculum at Wiz Kids, who's aim is to focus on more recreational subjects to help children develop skills often found outside of academia. Art is a key part of this; allowing children to develop motor skills, express their emotions and most importantly have fun  through creativity.

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